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Our New 3D Map

Experience The New Interactive 3D Map of Lower Manhattan

LM3D gives planners, investors, residents and all neighborhood stakeholders a new and unparalleled way to visualize the development of this ever evolving neighborhood like never before.

LM3D’s helpful tools can help users search for information on an individual building, in a select area or to analyze land use across the neighborhood.

Driven by data updated daily, this online 3D mapping tool tracks all commercial, hotel and residential development below Chambers Street. While also revealing institutional, open space, transit and retail locations.

LM3D is currently in BETA mode as some features such as historical data aren’t yet functional in BETA mode. Additional features are anticipated in late-2017 as we further develop this unique mapping tool.

LM3D is only compatible with the latest versions of Safari, Chrome or Firefox browsers. LM3D does not function in Internet Explorer.

Check out the LM3D user guide below for an introduction on using LM3D’s tools and features. Email LM3D@downtownny.com for other LM3D inquiries or if you need technical assistance using LM3D.