In this presentation, historian and author Bill Bleyer will illuminate the true tale of the Culper Spy Ring, a covert operation that provided critical support to George Washington’s Continental Army during the American Revolution. In the quest for independence, George Washington recognized the immense value of enemy intelligence circulating through the streets of Lower Manhattan. He enlisted Major Benjamin Tallmadge, a native of Long Island, to spearhead an intelligence network that history remembers as the Culper Spy Ring. Drawing from his recent book, George Washington’s Long Island Spy Ring: A History and Tour Guide, Bleyer will sift through the myths and realities, showcasing the ingenious workings of this indispensable covert network that ultimately played a pivotal role in securing victory for the Patriots. Over the centuries, numerous legends have emerged regarding the Long Island-based Culper Spy Ring. These include stories about Anna Strong’s clothesline, the secret passage of intelligence across the Long Island Sound, and various assumptions about the methods employed by the spies. Join this program to unravel the truth behind these legends and gain a deep understanding of the network’s actual operations.

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