The American Revolution: Dawn of Independence

Walking tour. American history comes alive on the streets where it happened in historic locations critical to the lives and partnership of Alexander Hamilton and George Washington! Relive the first reading of the Declaration of Independence and the subsequent revolt, honor the fallen American troops in the Battle of Brooklyn, celebrate the Constitution’s ratification, and applaud Hamilton’s achievement of the Compromise of 1790. Stand at the site of Washington’s momentous inauguration, dig into the history of the infamous duel between Hamilton and Aaron Burr, pay your respects at the final resting place of the Hamiltons, and much more. You’ll hear stories, letters, speeches and see paintings from the time. This is an immersive tour for lovers of United States’ history and the musical Hamilton!

  • This event has passed.


Date: 07/04/2021

Time: 6:00 am

Cost: $30

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