The Buddhist Art to the East: A Monumental Spread

Online lecture. Buddhist art emerged from India, spread eastwards to Central Asia, Xinjiang, the Hexi Corridor, and eventually arrived at the heartland of China. This monumental movement ran along the Silk Road over the course of a thousand years, integrating the Hellenistic culture with the Indian, Persian, Nomadic, and Chinese. The Renwen Society presents a lecture on August 7 on this epic movement by Dr. Mao Ming, a specialist in the Buddhist art. Adopting an archaeological approach, and based on her own fieldwork experience, Dr. Ming Mao will share with the audience the five major developments in the Buddhist art following its eastward spread: the Gandhara Art in India, the Termez sites in Central Asia, the Kizil caves in Xinjiang, the Dunhuang Grottos, and the Yungang & Longmen caves. In explaining these developments, Dr. Mao will also examine five major different artistic depictions and representations of the Buddha.

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Date: 08/07/2021

Time: 8:00 pm

Cost: Free

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