Join author Arturo Casadevall and the Academy’s Chief Scientific Officer Brooke Grindlinger as they dive into the dual nature of fungi—beneficial allies and deadly foes——and Casadevall’s new book, What if Fungi Win? Casadevall, an eminent epidemiologist and inventor, reveals the shared genetic complexity between humans and fungi and unravels the challenges in designing drugs to combat these relentless assailants. In our increasingly hot and humid world, fungi are evolving, posing global outbreak threats. Inspired by the fungal complications during the 1990s AIDS epidemic and the more recent COVID-19 pandemic, Casadevall leads a research team dedicated to finding innovative ways to counter these cunning adversaries. Casadevall delves into fascinating fungal phenomena, from their proliferation after the mass dinosaur extinction to the historical connection between the rye fungus ergot and the Salem witch trials, and the versatile uses of fungi in creating vegan leather, eco-friendly packaging, and degrading plastic. Explore the work of scientists assessing fungal risks and safeguarding humanity and our food supplies from these elusive adversaries.

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Date: July 18

Time: 7:00 pm

Cost: $10 – $40

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