What is Fueling Anti-Asian Hate?

Anti-Asian racism is skyrocketing in the United States. Sadly, this is not a new phenomenon: for centuries, American views of China have oscillated between rapturous enchantment and angry disillusionment. In recent years, American public opinion toward China has plummeted, and the consequences have been profound. Even as American and Chinese interests have become inexorably intertwined, the perceived threat of China’s rise makes it a powerful target for American resentment. Have views of China fueled racism in the US? How can we promote greater understanding? Please join us for a conversation on history, the rise of China, and bias in America featuring the latest from Pew Research Center on U.S. views of China and a discussion of the roots of anti-Asian racism featuring John Pomfret, journalist and expert on U.S.-China relations, and Erika Lee, one of the nation’s leading immigration and Asian American historians.

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Date: 05/11/2021

Time: 5:30 pm

Cost: Free

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