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April Women’s Breakfast: In Conversation with Kathryn Garcia

2020 and 2021 were big years for women in U.S. politics, with more women running for national and local office than ever before. Here in New York, we had a contentious mayoral election with multiple women candidates leading on the ballot, and we finally got our first woman governor.  So what's it like to be […]

Women’s Breakfast: Exploring the Future of Investing

Virtual Event

It’s a volatile time for investments: Struggling through an ongoing pandemic. Inflation skyrocketing with no endpoint in sight. Geopolitical tensions driving markets crazy. Your cousin just bought a house in… the Metaverse? At LMHQ’s March Women’s Breakfast, we will be speaking with women who have both a deep knowledge of the existing financial landscape and […]

Nursing Conference | Healthcare Conference | Nursing Education Conference |

South Cove

Event Description: we kindly request your presence in the "54th International Conference on Nursing & Primary Healthcare”. Exceptional in format, substance, networking, and participation, the session's focus is on "The Future of Nursing Research: Innovation, Collaboration, and Impact." It will help you better understand how to establish the right Nursing Practice and procedure with a […]