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The Downtown Alliance has been receiving questions from visitors for over 15 years and put together this list of some of the most frequently asked questions with some helpful answers and links to useful resources. For easily accessible information on shopping, restaurants and events in Lower Manhattan, please download our FREE app for iPhone and Android.

9/11 Memorial

Where is the 9/11 Memorial?
The memorial is located between Albany Street and Greenwich Street.

How do I get tickets to the 9/11 Memorial?
Tickets for visitors are available for the Memorial through its website at www.911memorial.org or can be found at the 9/11 Memorial Preview Site, located at 20 Vesey Street.

How much do tickets cost to visit the 9/11 Memorial?
The passes are free, however, you will be charged a $2 reservation fee if you book them on the website.

What are the hours for visiting the 9/11 Memorial?
The memorial is open from 10AM-8PM, with last entry at 7PM.

What was the height of the Twin Towers?  What will be the height of the Freedom Tower when it is finished?
The Twin Towers were 1,310 feet and 110 floors, and the Freedom Tower will be 1,776 feet and 104 floors.

Where is the Sphere Sculpture that used to stand in the WTC Plaza?
The Sphere Sculpture is now located in Battery Park.

Which church housed the 9/11 rescue workers and where is it located?
St. Paul's Chapel located at 209 Broadway.

Top Destinations and Attractions

What are some of the free attractions in the area?
The Museum of the American Indian, Federal Hall, Brooklyn Bridge, Trinity Church, 9/11 Memorial.

How long does it take to fully walk the Brooklyn Bridge?
It takes approximately 20 minutes to walk the Brooklyn Bridge in one direction.

Is the New York Stock Exchange open to visitors?
Unfortunately, the New York Stock Exchange is no longer open to the public due to heightened security concerns following the terrorist attacks of Sept 11.

How can I get to…Charging Bull? Statue of Liberty? Century 21? And many more?
Lower Manhattan has many great attractions and to make it easier for you to find them all we’ve created an interactive map showing them all for you.

Do I need tickets to see the Statue of Liberty and what is the cost of the ferry?
Yes. While admission to Liberty State Park is free, you must buy a ferry ticket (Adults: $17 Children: $9 Seniors: $14) to get there. There's usually a wait for the ferry so plan your trip in advance. Ferries to the island depart from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Statue of Liberty Phone: 212-363-3200. Statue Cruises Phone: 877-LADY-TIX

Where is the “free” Ferry?
You probably are looking for the Staten Island Ferry and you can get there by walking to the bottom of Water Street.  Look for a huge terminal with a unique looking visitor’s kiosk (and free Wi-Fi).

How do I get to Governors Island?
Free ferries run from Manhattan every Friday through Sunday and all Holiday Mondays from May 27 to September 25 (when the island is closed until Spring).

Getting Around

Where can I get a map of Lower Manhattan?
The Downtown Alliance created an interactive map so you can find what you need and get directions to it as well. We also provide printed maps of Lower Manhattan for free.

Do the subways stop running after midnight?
No. New York is the city that never sleeps, and nor do the subways. The subways run 24 hours a day; however, check the signs for late night and weekend service changes.

How do I get around?
We have a page devoted to getting around in Lower Manhattan. You can find directions to a specific location; you can find out about our Free Bus service and get information on City subways and buses.

Where are there public restrooms?
Public restrooms can be found at Century 21, World Financial Center, Battery Park, and the Staten Island Ferry Terminal.

Where are the stops for the Downtown Harbor Tours?
The stops for the Downtown Harbor Tours are located at Pier 17 at South Street Seaport, Pier 5 and Pier A at Battery Park.

Where are the stops for the double decker buses?
The stops for the double decker buses are located at Broadway and Vesey Street, State Street in front of Battery Park.

How can we get to the airports from Lower Manhattan with public transportation?

  • JFK Airport: Take the A subway going downtown to Howard Beach and transfer to the AirTran
  • LaGuardia Airport: Take the E subway to Jackson Heights and transfer to the Q33 bus
  • Newark Liberty Airport: Take the PATH train to Newark Penn Station where you can transfer to the 62 bus or NJ transit to EWR rail station where you can transfer to the AirTran.

Shopping & Dining

Where is the best place to shop in Lower Manhattan?
We honestly couldn’t tell you which one is the best, because we like them all. But we can show you all of the shopping options you have down here. We have a shopping guide online that you can order, or pick up at any of our three kiosks. Of course, we have a Shopping map you can check out or you can download our free apps.

Where can we get something to eat?
There are hundreds of places to eat in Lower Manhattan. Here is a link to all of the restaurants in our area, but you can filter this list using our Search bar just above the map that will allow you to search for something specific like Pizza or Chinese. You can also download our free apps.

Where is the best place to eat outside?
Lower Manhattan has so many parks and plazas as well as dozens of restaurants where you can eat outside. Here is our map to some of the parks and plazas in our district where you can take a moment to sit or eat or relax.


Where can I find out about events happening in Lower Manhattan?
Our events page will show you everything happening in Lower Manhattan from today to your next visit here.  You can also download our free apps.


Is there any place to access the Internet for free?
There are numerous locations throughout Lower Manhattan where we provide free public Wi-Fi.


Where can I get a list of hotels in Lower Manhattan?
There are 18 hotels in Lower Manhattan, triple the number from a decade ago. Here is a list of the hotels in our area on the map so you can see where they are located.