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Our Services

Since 1995, the Alliance for Downtown New York has been working to enhance the quality of life in Lower Manhattan. We aim to provide workers, residents and visitors with a clean, safe and dynamic neighborhood. Below are some of the services we provide.

Neighborhood Services

While you're in Lower Manhattan, be sure to take advantage of the Downtown Connection® - a FREE bus service for visitors, workers and residents. Getting around the neighborhood has never been easier. Read More

Dressed in their distinctive red uniforms, the Downtown Alliance security officers work closely with the New York City Police Department to keep the streets safe. Equipped with guidebooks and maps, they're always ready to offer directions and friendly advice to neighborhood visitors. Read More

The Downtown Alliance's sanitation staff works tirelessly to keep Lower Manhattan clean, beautiful, and graffiti-free. Every day, we service trash receptacles in our district, manually and machine-sweep the streets and sidewalks and even use a high-pressure power washer equipped with environmentally safe cleaning materials. Read More

The Downtown Alliance manages several programs to beautify and enhance Lower Manhattan's public spaces, including several parks and plazas. Read More

Making the streets of Lower Manhattan more attractive and convenient for pedestrians is a top priority for the Downtown Alliance. Our ambitious $20 million streetscape plan has given lower Broadway a new look. The plan includes: reconstruction of all the sidewalks and curbs along lower Broadway; installation of new trash baskets; a user-friendly wayfinding and street sign system; and, handsome new light poles and street furniture. Read More

Economic Development

The Downtown Alliance has been collecting in-depth data on Lower Manhattan for over 10 years. Our research provides ongoing, comprehensive coverage of the area’s commercial, hotel, retail, residential and tourist markets. We also collect data on Lower Manhattan’s diverse user groups, including residents, hotel guests, and office workers. Read More

Marketing & Tourism

Lower Manhattan is the most historic neighborhood in New York City, full of fascinating museums, landmark buildings, architectural wonders, and much more. From the Statue of Liberty to the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian, Lower Manhattan should be at the top of any visitor's itinerary. Read More

The Downtown Alliance works hard to put Lower Manhattan at your fingertips. Through advertising campaigns, special events and promotions, visitor services and a wide variety of maps and guides, we work hard to market Lower Manhattan as one of New York City’s premier neighborhoods and destinations. Read More

Communications & Technology

Stay on top of everything that is going on in Lower Manhattan. The Downtown Alliance is here to let you know about the latest happings in the area. Our Newsroom includes our news releases, multimedia, newsletters, and research findings. Read More

You can enjoy free wireless Internet access in several public spaces throughout Lower Manhattan. So step out and log on: surf the Web, check your e-mail, Facebook and Twitter while relaxing in the park. Read More

On our Facebook page and Twitter feed, you'll find frequent postings about events, openings, special deals, and fresh, interesting news items from around the district and the city. Browse hundreds of photos from Downtown Alliance and Lower Manhattan events on our Instagram. Meet new retailers and neighborhood personalities on our blog, The View From Downtown. Read More



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