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Incentives Calculator

Incentives Calculator

The following calculator is based on incentive programs, administered by various City and State agencies, that may be available for businesses that locate in Lower Manhattan. Please refer to this page to determine the incentive programs that are currently applicable or please call our incentives hotline (212) 835-2790 for more information.

June 2017 Update: Governor Cuomo has signed a bill which extends all tax incentive programs affecting properties in Lower Manhattan for three more years.

Generous financial incentives make Lower Manhattan's office space even more affordable. This calculator tool will estimate the savings your business could receive based on the information you enter, and offers the option for a comparison to Midtown.

All fields are required. Some fields have default assumptions entered automatically to reflect the standard or average for commercial office tenants, but you can change these fields to fit your specifications.

The number of employees are expected in your Lower Manhattan office
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Incentives Calculator
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