1912 marked an important turning point in Chinese history, when the imperial period that lasted for more than 2000 years uninterrupted came to a crashing end and a new republic, the first of its kind in China, came into being. On January 1, 1912, a band-new provisional government was established and seated in Nanjing with Dr. Sun Yat-sen as the President, ushering a new modern era for the Middle Kingdom without a monarch. However, the year of 1912 was rife with twists and turns, with Sun Yat-sen giving up his presidency to Yuan Shikai and the capital moved to Beijing four months later. To look back at the epoch-making but also tumultuous time period 110 years ago, the Renwen Society presents a lecture by Prof. Jiang Liangqin, a renowned scholar at Nanjing University specializing in the Republican era on January 8, to discuss events that unfolded prior, during and following 1912.

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Date: January 8

Time: 8:00 pm

Cost: $10

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China Institute