Who We Are

The mission of the Alliance for Downtown New York is to provide service, advocacy, research and information to advance Lower Manhattan as a global model of a 21st century Central Business District for businesses, residents and visitors.

The Downtown Alliance manages the Downtown-Lower Manhattan Business Improvement District (BID), serving an area that roughly covers everything south of City Hall and along three waterfronts (East River, Hudson River and NY Harbor).

As a BID, we provide many services including:

  • Supplemental security and sanitation
  • Free transportation in Lower Manhattan
  • Streetscape and design services
  • Economic development advocacy
  • Comprehensive research about Lower Manhattan
  • Marketing and communication
  • Special event programming
  • Free Wi-Fi service

The Downtown Alliance is striving to make Lower Manhattan a wonderful place to live, work and play by creating a vibrant, multi-use neighborhood where businesses can prosper and the residential community can flourish.

District Information

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Where exactly is Lower Manhattan? Accessible by 13 subway lines, multiple bus routes, and 17 commuter ferry routes, it’s easier to find than you think.

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