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LM Live serves the Lower Manhattan community by producing events that promote professional growth and development. A project of the Downtown Alliance, the programming series features conversations with individuals and organizations from Lower Manhattan on topics that include entrepreneurship, current events, the future of work and career advancement. One of LM Live’s most popular events is a monthly Women’s Breakfast, which provides a venue for women, non-binary people and their allies to connect on workplace issues.

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Women’s Breakfast (for Dinner): The Power of the Romance Heroine (February 16)

Romance novels have historically been written by women, for women and about women. The genre has gone through many iterations over time, from the early romances of Jane Austen to the rise of the bodice-ripper to today’s increasingly diverse array of protagonists and plotlines.  But through the centuries, one theme has remained constant. As famed Romance author Beverly Jenkins put it, “Romance offers that comfort read, but it also offers resistance . . . Women have always had to resist in order to get what they want out of life.”

At our February Women’s Breakfast . . . for Dinner, we’ll be joined by a knockout panel of Romance authors, editors and experts who will take us through the evolution of the Romance heroine over time. Through that lens, our panelists will discuss the genre’s power as a tool for feminism, diversity and challenging the status quo, as well as its important value in providing a sense of comfort and community to its readers. 

Date: Thursday, February 16
Time: 6 p.m.
Location: 7 WTC, 250 Greenwich Street

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