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LM Live

LM Live serves the Lower Manhattan community by producing events that promote professional growth and development. A project of the Downtown Alliance, the programming series features conversations with individuals and organizations from Lower Manhattan on topics that include entrepreneurship, current events, the future of work and career advancement. One of LM Live’s most popular events is a monthly Women’s Breakfast, which provides a venue for women, non-binary people and their allies to connect on workplace issues.

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Upcoming LM Live Events

December 6: Women’s Breakfast: An Inside Look at Diversity Initiatives

Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) have rapidly become top policy priorities in the workplace. The 2020 murder of George Floyd and the ensuing protests were a watershed moment in terms of corporate accountability for racial inequity. But despite every CEO and organization director flooding Instagram with promises and hastily drafted Notes app apologies, nearly three years later, what do we have to show for this supposed reckoning? Companies continue to seek Chief Diversity Officers for their executive suites, but these roles teeter with unclear scopes of work and high levels of turnover. Recruiters may have ramped up their efforts to hire candidates from diverse backgrounds, but what does support look like for those who end up working in these environments?

Join NYC’s top DEI experts for a conversation about the gap between voicing public support for diversity and inclusion and actually building a workplace based on those values. Our speakers, from organizations such as BerlinRosen and #Power4PuertoRico, will discuss how to both recruit and support diverse hires, design and revamp internal policies and successfully live up to your company’s mission.

Date: Tuesday, December 6
Time: 8:30 a.m.

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