Budapest, 1944: Vice Consul Carl Lutz and the Swiss Legation of Budapest started the largest diplomatic operation to rescue Jews during WWII. Thanks to an ingenious system of safe-conduct papers and residential buildings put under consular protection, Carl Lutz, who had acted as a protective power representing interests of the U.S. and UK in Hungary, sheltered and saved tens of thousands of Jews. Frederic Hayat, vice president of the Switzerland-based Carl Lutz Society, will deliver a presentation about Lutz and will be joined by Agnès Hirschi, Lutz’s stepdaughter, and Charles Gati, a Survivor saved by Lutz’s efforts. Pascale Baeriswyl, Ambassador of Switzerland to the United Nations, will deliver the introductory speech.

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Date: January 17

Time: 2:00 pm

Cost: $10

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