Myths are enduring legends that help reflect and shape human relationships with nature and one another. To better understand how myths and mythology are interwoven within Chinese history and society, the ECNU Center at China Institute presents “An Examination of Chinese Mythology,” a new professional development workshop series for K-12 educators of Chinese language and culture. This workshop will offer a deeper knowledge of Chinese mythology, expand perspectives and understandings of Chinese culture, and enrich K-12 classroom teaching. In addition, the series provides an opportunity for participants to discuss the complex yet changing relationship between nature and human society. Chinese mythology has a unique relevance to today’s China and the world. Beliefs and legends of “long( 龙,lóng)”, a mythical animal often translated as “dragon” yet drastically different in its visual representation and meanings in Chinese culture, is one of China’s most important cultural symbols. Chinese are commonly considered to be decedents of long, which represents beauty, power, and auspiciousness that affect every aspect of life today. Led by Professor TIAN Zhaoyuan, “An Examination of Chinese Mythology (2) – the Myth and Beliefs of Long (龙) ” will provide an overview of Chinese mythology of long and its symbolic cultural roles in China’s past and present, as well as its relevance in American K-12 Chinese language and culture classes. This online workshop will be conducted in Mandarin Chinese and is free for all K-12 teachers.

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Date: 06/11/2022

Time: 9:00 am

Cost: Free

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