Unique music experience with the New Dasheng Chime-Bells (大晟新钟), ceremonial carillon reconstructed based on historical models of Dasheng Bells (the Great Brilliance) of the 12th Century, connecting the sound of China’s dynastic rituals to the music world today. This set of 20 new Dasheng Chime-bells, beautifully designed by Dr. Youping Li (李幼平) from Wuhan Conservatory of Music, are identical to their historical models except for pitches adjusted to match current and universal standards. New music for these bells with symphony orchestra, including Grand Prize winning compositions, will be performed at Carnegie Hall on December 29, when Valparaiso University will formally present the bells as a gift to China Institute, their new home in New York. With the presence of these magnificent chime-bells, audience will learn from three distinguished speakers, Joseph Lam, Youping Li, and Dennis Friesen-Carper, the extraordinary story of the new Dasheng Chime-bells, their journey not only a tale of cultural exchange through music, but representing U.S.-China relation in our time today. Audience will also have the opportunity to hear and interact with the bells during and after the program. A brief reception will follow the discussion.

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