Come to China Institute to learn, explore, and practice calligraphy, an ancient art that cultivates appreciation of art and culture, language learning, and self-wellness in general. A unique way of writing that incorporates brushwork, composition, and balance to create an expressive piece of artwork, Chinese calligraphy has been widely considered as the finest form of art in China for over two thousand years. Focusing on writing characters, Chinese calligraphy creates aesthetically beautiful yet almost exclusively personal artwork through skillful hand-eye coordination and mental focus. By pushing the soft brush soaked in ink on a piece of specially made rice paper, one will develop a deep sense of body-mind connection while the repetition of practicing and writing can simply be meditative and relaxing. To make it accessible for all to explore, learn and enjoy the writing of Chinese calligraphy, this monthly program offers 2-hour open sessions where participants of various experience of calligraphic writing can attend, with the facilitation from our calligraphy instructor and dedicated staff. No experience is required. Ink, paper, and brush will be provided onsite. Simply come, enjoy writing, and find likeminded fellow calligraphers. Explore a new culture or connect to your heritage.

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Date: June 22

Time: 6:00 pm

Cost: Free

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