A unique architectural art, the Chinese garden in its varied forms reveals a landscaped symphony of rocks, plants, pavilions, water and bridges orchestrated to vibrate with mystic symbolism. Visitors to Chinese gardens, both at home and abroad, seldom fail to marvel at the amazing artistry of the garden craftsmanship and the microcosm of the natural world. The Xu Zhimo Garden at Cambridge University is one of these gems. Completed in 2018, the garden was dedicated to Xu Zhimo, a preeminent Chinese poet of the 20th century and an alumnus of Cambridge. One of the architects for the garden is Ms. Yue Zhengyang, who published in 2021 a Chinese-English book entitled The Xu Zhimo Garden in King’s College, Cambridge. The publication coincides with the centennial of Xu Zhimo’s enrollment at King’s College in 1921. Illustrated with scores of drawings and photos, Yue’s book details the design and construction of the first Chinese garden at Cambridge University, known for its historical British landscape. At the invitation of the Renwen Society, Ms. Yue Zhengyang will share her experience as a member of the design team for the Xu Zhimo Garden at a lecture on February 12. Specifically, she will discuss the design concept, the construction process and the commemorative significance of the garden. Ms. Yue will also compare the Xu Zhimo Garden with the Astor Court in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Lansu Chinese Garden in Portland, Liu Fang Yuan in Los Angeles and Qian Yuan at Ruhr University in Bochum, Germany. She will examine how these classical Chinese gardens are integrated into the local architecture and natural environment, serving as a bridge for international cultural exchanges.