In Search of China’s Soul: Why Confucius Matters Today

China Institute welcomes Confucianism expert Zu-yan Chen, who will introduce Confucius, China’s greatest sage, and the philosophy that has shaped Chinese governance, values, and ideas for thousands of years. Following the lecture, contemporary China expert Zak Dychtwald will join Professor Chen in a conversation about Confucius’ legacy and his relevance in today’s hyper-modern China. Scholar, philosopher, and political sage, Confucius is synonymous with Chinese morality and culture. But how much do most of us actually know about his thinking? How did Confucianism become the underpinning of the Chinese system of education and bureaucracy, and how do we separate the facts from the myths surrounding his ideas? Most importantly, why are we still talking about him after more than 2500 years? In short, why does Confucius still matter today?

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Date: 09/14/2021

Time: 7:30 pm

Cost: Free

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