John Wasik on “Lincolnomics: Why the 16th President’s Vision for Economic Progress Still Rocks”

Webinar. Has there ever been a time when Abraham Lincoln has gone silent? Our immortal conscience on civil rights and individual freedom is speaking to us yet again in the time of COVID and public unrest. Yet Lincoln has managed to become even more relevant as we tackle infrastructure, healthcare, climate change and human rights. The forthcoming book by John Wasik, Lincolnomics: How President Lincoln Constructed the Great American Economy, puts the 16th President in a powerful new light: He was our foremost architect of economic development, equal treatment and physical and intellectual improvements, from transportation to medical research. In this presentation, Wasik will show a vastly under-studied side of Lincoln. As the only President to hold a patent, he was an innovator. During his brief time as a surveyor, he was an urban planner. Surprisingly, his longest and most comprehensive speeches were devoted to the culture of invention, “internal improvements” and research and development.

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