Celebrate LMCC’s 50th anniversary as Manhattan’s Arts Council and our legacy of fostering vibrant creative communities! Party as Participation is the final installment of Party as Performance, a series of festivities hosted by an LMCC alumni artist who specializes in the art of bringing people together. Elisabeth Smolarz (Arts Center Residency ’12) will present ice cream flavors inspired by her experiences during her 2012 artist residency on Governors Island. These flavors will celebrate the friendships and artist communities she formed during that time, as well as the distinctive features of the island itself, such as the weeping willow tree, the lavender fields, and the beloved Governors Island sheep: Flour, Sam, Evening, Chad, and Philip Aries. The tasting event will offer a culinary journey blending elements of childhood nostalgia, art, and nature.


Date: June 22

Time: 1:00 pm

Cost: Free

Event Category: