Hands-on tour that will transport you and your kids into the fascinating world of 19th century sailors. In addition to getting to raise the sail, the tour will also show the young people in your life how sailors worked and lived aboard a 19th century cargo sailing ship—from the captain to the ship’s officers, cooks, and crew. On your visit, you will explore the main deck that features the newly restored forecastle, where the crew bunked; the galley, where meals were prepared; the saloon, which acted as the captain’s living room and the ship’s office in port; and the quarterdeck, where you can man the helm, turn the ships wheel, and learn about the capstan. You will also get a look into the vast cargo hold, which stored bulk cargo on Wavertree’s many journeys to distant ports around the globe during her 24-year sailing career. Advanced registration is required for sail raising tours as space is limited. All children must be accompanied by an adult; maximum four children per adult. Repeated at 2pm and 4pm.

  • This event has passed.