In the summer of 1781, after spying on the British troops in Manhattan for six weeks, General Washington and General Rochambeau made a critical decision. They would not attack the British in New York but instead would take their troops across the Hudson River and march to Yorktown, Virginia to confront General Cornwallis’ army in the South. That decision changed the war and it happened at Odell House Rochambeau Headquarters. In the spring of 2020, The Town of Greenburgh, NY, at the urging and leadership of Susan Seal took possession of Odell House to save it from collapse. Amazingly, this house, listed on the National Register, retains most of its original details and it is now in the process of restoration. By 2026, in time for the 250th commemoration of the Declaration of Independence, it will be open to the public as a museum. In person and via Zoom.