In person and livestreamed. The Diary of Anne Frank, which debuted on Broadway in 1955 and then later toured the country, was one of the most influential plays of the 20th century. A life-changing experience for many of those who saw it, the play introduced millions of Americans to the Holocaust and its victims. But what did reenacting Anne’s story mean to the people who created and acted in the play or the 1959 film? How did dramatizing her life affect their lives and careers? Who were they? Using archival material and interviews with surviving cast and crew members, Forward executive editor Adam Langer, whose latest work is Cyclorama, presents a story in “Playing Anne Frank,” a limited series podcast from the Forward, that’s never been told: the backstory of the Pulitzer Prize-winning play and Oscar-winning film, and how this iconic work shapes those involved in performing it — including high school students putting the show on today. The event will include live elements from the podcast and appearances by members of the 1955 Broadway production.

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Date: April 2

Time: 3:00 pm

Cost: $10

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