Join China Institute online to have a conversation with Paul Salopek, who is now walking through China as part of his ambitious 24,000-mile Out of Eden Walk journey. Started in 2013 in Ethiopia, “Out of Eden Walk” is a unique “slow journalism” project to walk the pathways of the first humans who migrated out of Africa in the Stone Age. After nine years and nineteen countries, Paul has traversed 12,000 miles and has 12,000 miles to go until the end of the Out of Eden Walk’s global route. Paul Salopek is a Pulitzer Prize winning writer and National Geographic Explorer who founded the Out of Eden Walk, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with robust global education and storytelling missions, in 2013. In an era where speed is key, especially in journalism where everyone needs to be the first to break the news, Mr. Salopek is now moving at the beat of his footsteps in China, covering the major stories of our time—from climate change to technological innovation, from mass migration to cultural survival—by giving voice to the people who inhabit them every day but rarely make the news. He will be joining us from his walk in China to bring us the first-hand stories of this unusual experience.