Join us on a virtual, livestreamed walking tour of Paris. Our journey will take us all the way back to the Middle Ages, where we’ll explore the beginnings of the Jewish community in the city. We’ll then explore Marais, where the heart of the community lies. Our guide will delve deep into the center of the neighborhood, known as “the Pletzl” in Yiddish, where we’ll learn about the community during the 19th century. We’ll then learn about the Nazi period, beginning with the occupation in 1940 and the first convoys to the concentration camps in 1942. We’ll see the Shoah Memorial and the synagogue of Pave Street, where we will pay our respects and honor the memories of those who suffered during this tragic time. Lastly, we’ll wrap up our tour by exploring the vibrant Jewish community in the city today, and life on the bustling Rue des Rosiers.

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Date: May 8

Time: 11:00 am

Cost: $25.00

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