Yung Wing (1828–1912) was a transformative figure in China’s modernization. Often hailed as the first Chinese graduate of an American university, his life and work transcended this singular achievement. While Yung Wing is rightfully recognized as the “Father of Chinese Students Studying Abroad,” his impact extended far beyond education. China’s modern history was a period of intense social and political upheaval. While other prominent figures dominated specific eras, Yung Wing’s influence spanned the entire period. His contributions were multifaceted, shaping not just educational reform but also China’s broader development. To mark the 170th anniversary of Yung Wing’s graduation from Yale University, the Renwen Society presents a special lecture by Prof. Lei Yi, a leading Yung Wing scholar. Prof. Lei will delve into Yung Wing’s historical context, the qualities that made him a pioneer and driving force for modernization, his evolving views on reform within the Qing Dynasty, and his intellectual characteristics – rationality, independence, and a forward-looking vision.