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So, the Hive has now been open for three months.  I find it hard to believe time has flown by so quickly when it seems like just a few short weeks ago I was fretting over all the little details.  While I’ve used this blog to rave about how great the Hive has been, all the new members who have started to call the Hive home, and the great programming we’ve put together, I think its okay to rant a little too!

We had our first big glitch last week when we ran into some Internet problems.  It all started when I decided to replace our router.  We purchased a much nicer router, waited for the Hive to clear out in the evening and went about the big switch.  It was great…until about 4:30pm the next day.  The Internet went caput at the end of the day, which started a flurry of phone calls.  Going back and forth between Cogent and our networking guys, we finally determined that we had a lemon of a router.  Unfortunately, with the onslaught of the real snowpocalypse, I was unsure when we could resolve the issue.  I trekked in the next morning, not sure if or when our tech support would be able to show up with the foot-plus of snow that came down in the area.  Fortunately, the moment is behind us and not only have some important lessons been learned, but we came out ahead in the end: our bandwidth is about five times faster than it was before.

We are also reviewing some of the steps we can take to prevent any future Internet problems.  I know how important high speed connection is to the small businesses and freelancers who are working from the Hive.  I was rather embarrassed when it happened, but I must say thanks to our members for being so helpful and understanding.  Many people chipped in to help and totally understood that sometimes these things just happen.  I am doing my best to ensure that it never happens again.

I can’t resist sharing news here too.  We just formed a meetup.com page where you can learn about all the events and programming we’re going to have.  You can find us at the Lower Manhattan Coworking Club here.  Find fellow friends of the Hive and like minded people –- and stay in the loop with all Hive related happenings!

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