Alliance for Downtown New York Honors Eleven Public Safety Officers for Remarkable Service

Alliance for Downtown New York Honors  Eleven Public Safety Officers for Remarkable Service

The Alliance for Downtown New York yesterday honored eleven Public Safety Officers for their service above and beyond the call of duty and for helping to keep Lower Manhattan one of the safest neighborhoods in the five boroughs. The ceremony was held at Bobby Van’s Grill & Steakhouse on Broad Street.

Downtown Alliance President Jessica Lappin presented the awards, together with SVP of Operations Ron Wolfgang and VP of Operations Dan Ackerman.

“Our public safety officers are unmistakable in their bright red uniforms and their willingness to step in to any situation where their help is needed,” said Downtown Alliance President Jessica Lappin.  “No matter what is needed, they are ready at a moment’s notice to provide direction, assist in a medical emergency or provide conflict resolution. Today, we thank them for their service, their dedication to the Lower Manhattan community.”

The Public Safety Officers received recognition from the Downtown Alliance for the following:

Security Officers Nathaniel Turner and Bernard Bonnaire – On May 4th, Officers Turner and Bonnaire observed a verbal altercation between youth at Broadway and Exchange Place. One of the individuals in the dispute then attacked another with a Taser. After the officers contacted 911, the NYPD responded and arrested the individual.

Supervisor Rosa Ellis and Security Officers Saidi Ali, Brian Flowers, Juan Mora and Ivan Rivera – On November 20th, Officer Ali observed and reported a suspicious package at Church and Fulton Streets. Once on site, the NYPD cordoned off all traffic in the area. Supervisor Ellis and Officers Ali, Flowers, Mora and Rivera then helped direct all pedestrian traffic, ensuring civilians remained safe and were able to efficiently arrive at their destinations. 

Security Officers Jerry Marcus and Tenille Templeman – On July 25th at Water and Wall Streets, a civilian notified Officers Marcus and Templeman that a vendor had sold him fake Liberty Island tickets, and at an inflated price. The officers mediated an argument between the civilian and vendor and were successful in obtaining a refund. Following the incident, further investigation determined that the tickets and vendor were fraudulent.

Security Officer Ronald Washington – On December 30th, Officer Washington observed a man experiencing a seizure and lose consciousness. Officer Washington contacted 911, then remained with the individual. Following this prompt action and attention, EMS took the individual to NY Downtown Hospital. 

Officer Joseph Zapata – On May 15th, Officer Zapata observed two women arguing with a vendor, who they alleged overcharged for two hot dogs. Following Officer Zapata’s intervention, the vendor agreed to return the women’s money and admitted to regularly overcharging tourists. Officer Zapata reported the incident and the vendor was subsequently investigated by Channel 4 news and other media outlets.

The 58 public safety officers, known for their bright red uniforms, work hand in hand with the New York City Police Department’s Manhattan South Task Force, which shares the NYPD Downtown Center with the Downtown Alliance’s Public Safety Office. Criminal activity in Lower Manhattan has dropped considerably since the Downtown Alliance and NYPD began working together 13 years ago. The public safety team is also trained to provide visitors to Lower Manhattan with directions, district maps, and recommendations on local attractions. Last year marked a record breaking year for tourism, with 14.2 million visitors coming to Lower Manhattan.