Alliance for Downtown New York Honors Seven Public Safety Officers for Remarkable Service

Alliance for Downtown New York Honors Seven Public Safety Officers for Remarkable Service

The Alliance for Downtown New York honored seven public safety officers for their outstanding service. The ceremony, a long-standing tradition at the Alliance, was held Wednesday morning at Bobby Van’s Steakhouse on Broad Street. 

Downtown Alliance President Jessica Lappin presented the awards, together with Senior Vice President of Operations Ron Wolfgang and Director of Public Safety Dave Harvin. “This year’s awards showcase how the community benefits in so many ways from having our public safety team on the streets year round,” Lappin said. “I am incredibly proud of this year’s honorees.  On top of their normal duties, this group of officers saved a woman from oncoming traffic, reunited a parent with a lost child, helped connect an unhoused person with proper services, and removed hateful graffiti from our streets. Their work on the ground is incredibly meaningful.”

The Public Safety Officers received recognition from the Downtown Alliance for the following:

Security Officers Ralf Lamour and Calvin Staton — On the afternoon of November 23, 2020, Officer Lamour was doing his routine patrol near Broadway and Exchange Pl. when he saw a man push an unidentified woman into the roadway of oncoming vehicle traffic. Officer Lamour was able to get the woman off the roadway and out of danger’s way before notifying dispatch and requesting NYPD and FDNY assistance. Once Officer Lamour ascertained that the woman was largely unharmed, he chased after the perpetrator, updating dispatch with the man’s description and location. Officer Staton responded to the location to assist Officer Lamour, and together they spotted the perpetrator swinging a stick wildly at pedestrians. Thanks to the officers’ efforts, the NYPD 1st Precinct was able to join them on the scene and take the perpetrator into custody. An FDNY ambulance took the victim to NewYork-Presbyterian Lower Manhattan Hospital, where she was treated for minor injuries.

Supervisor Turhan White and Security Officers Darrell Joseph and Jaheem Elie — While on routine patrol shortly after noon on February 14, 2020, Officer Joseph was approached by a panicked mother who told him she had gotten separated from her son who has special needs. Officer Joseph attempted to console the distraught mother and alerted dispatch; Supervisor White responded to the scene with Officer Elie, and directed Public Safety officers to canvass the area. Officer Elie found the lost child shortly thereafter, and reunited him with his mother.  

Security Officer Nathaniel Turner — On the morning of March 9, 2021, Officer Turner was performing his routine patrol near 100 Broad St. when he came across an elderly woman who was crying and seemed agitated. Officer Turner approached the woman, who appeared to be homeless, and asked if she was alright. The woman told him that she was cold and asked for help, so Officer Turner contacted dispatch, who reached out to the BRC Homeless Outreach Team. Officer Turner consoled the woman as they awaited BRC. When the team arrived, they took her to the BRC reception shelter center and helped her get the services she needed.

Security Officer Ramon Salva — On the morning of May 27, 2021, Officer Salva was on a routine patrol when he spotted anti-Semitic graffiti on the window of 120 Albany St., as well as on the electrical power box in front of the building. Officer Salva immediately notified both the building management and Public Safety management. Public Safety Manager Ed Drivick responded to the location and directed dispatch to notify the NYPD. Members of the 1st Precinct and World Trade Center Command responded to the scene and launched an investigation; though they have yet to apprehend a perpetrator, they were able to find other locations with similar graffiti, and the investigation is ongoing. 

Criminal activity in Lower Manhattan is far below that of a decade ago before the Downtown Alliance and NYPD began working together. Today, our team of public safety officers work closely with New York City Police Department’s 1st Precinct and the Patrol Borough Manhattan South Scooter Task Force to keep the neighborhood safe.  In addition, these proud men and women also help locals and visitors alike with general information, directions and personal recommendations on how to best experience Lower Manhattan.

This year’s awards ceremony was hosted by our partners Allied Universal, a leading provider of security services.