Downtown Alliance Honors 12 Public Safety Officers

Downtown Alliance Honors 12 Public Safety Officers

Twelve Downtown Alliance Public Safety Officers were honored Wednesday for helping keep Lower Manhattan one of the safest areas in New York City.

“You’ve done your jobs with dedication and distinction,” Robert R. Douglass, Chairman of the Downtown Alliance, told the organization’s public safety officers.  “You’ve made life better—year after year—for Lower Manhattan’s millions of workers, residents and visitors. Thanks in part to your work, we’re one of the safest districts in the city today.”

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The 57-person public safety staff, recognizable by its distinctive red uniforms, patrols the streets of Lower Manhattan 24/7. Security officers check in with neighborhood businesses, provide visitors and residents with friendly directions and assist the New York City Police Department. Criminal activity in Lower Manhattan has dropped sharply since the Downtown Alliance and NYPD began working together.

Several officers received multiple awards for their actions:

October 21, 2011—Supervisors Rosa Ellis and Joel Delgado, Lieutenant Turhan White, and Security Officers Jonathan Molina and Joseph Cuadrado helped evacuate pedestrians after a fire occurred on the 28th floor of 120 Broadway.

March 18, 2011—Security Officer Jose Matias found a $1,599 check on the sidewalk at Wall and Nassau streets and returned it to the branch manager of Valley National Bank.

March 21, 2011–Security Officer Lyudmila Melnik reported a theft at Lenny’s Deli on John Street to the NYPD. Officers quickly arrested a suspect, and the items were returned.

May 10, 2011 –Security Officers James Paige and Shawn Soto came to the aid of an injured man after a fight broke out in the 2-3 subway station. Officer Soto stayed with the injured man while Officer Paige called the NYPD to the scene. 

June 8, 2011 –Security Officer Aisha Martin helped the NYPD apprehend a man who had been arguing loudly with a security officer at a New York Stock Exchange checkpoint at Broadway and Wall. As the man fled, Officer Martin notified dispatch and gave a description of him to the NYPD Scooter Task Force. Officers later saw the man in Zuccotti Park and charged him with criminal possession of a weapon (brass knuckles, Mace, Taser and knife).

July 25, 2011 –Supervisor German Rosario, Security Officers James Paige, Rodrigue Bonnaire and Shawn Soto guided pedestrians to safety amid falling debris coming from a building at 16 Beaver Street.