Downtown Alliance Partners With Art on the Ave NYC to Showcase Artists in Lower Manhattan

Downtown Alliance Partners With Art on the Ave NYC to Showcase Artists in Lower Manhattan

Lower Manhattan storefronts will be transformed into a public art gallery this fall with an exhibition that explores resiliency. The project is the latest installation from Art on the Ave NYC, a nonprofit community initiative, and is presented by the Alliance for Downtown New York, Lower Manhattan’s nonprofit business improvement district.

Art on the Ave NYC is currently seeking artist submissions through July 2. Submissions should be guided by the notion of “resiliency,” the ability to demonstrate adaptability and the capacity to thrive in changing or challenging environments. The work can reflect the artist’s personal experiences, the city’s response to Covid, or New Yorkers’ responses to the uncertainties and thrills of urban life.   

For more information and to apply, visit:

“New York is ready for a revival. Public art in Lower Manhattan wants will help us mark our return in a thoughtful and joyous way,” Downtown Alliance President Jessica Lappin said. “Whether it’s storefront galleries, permanent outdoor sculptures or performances taking place across the neighborhood, the arts are flourishing Downtown. We welcome New Yorkers to come rediscover and explore our neighborhood with fresh eyes.”

“Our mission is to create highly accessible exhibitions that amplify underrepresented voices in unique ways across the city,” Barbara Anderson, Co-founder and Executive Director of Art on the Ave NYC said. “Specifically for Lower Manhattan, we wanted to spark a conversation that spoke to the community and we quickly landed on the idea of resiliency and how the neighborhood didn’t just come back but has continued to push forward.”