Alliance for Downtown New York Honors Seven Public Safety Officers for Remarkable Service

Alliance for Downtown New York Honors Seven Public Safety Officers for Remarkable Service

The Alliance for Downtown New York honored seven public safety officers for their exceptional service. The ceremony, a long-standing tradition at the Alliance, was held Tuesday afternoon at the Morton’s the Steakhouse on Washington Street. The Officers were honored for a variety of distinguished acts, from giving aid and assistance to a gravely injured citizen, to assisting the NYPD with making an assault arrest to helping protect pedestrians from a scaffolding collapse.

Downtown Alliance President Jessica Lappin presented the awards, together with Senior Vice President of Operations Ron Wolfgang and Director of Public Safety Dave Harvin. 

“It is my pleasure to honor our public safety team, which works hard to keep our district safe and vibrant everyday,” Lappin said. “They do it all: from patrolling the streets, to giving directions, to acting fast when someone needs help. This group continues to embody the integrity, professionalism and courage that NYC and Lower Manhattan is known for.”

The Public Safety Officers received recognition from the Downtown Alliance for the following:

Security Officer Theresa Seignious —On the morning of April 24, 2023, Officer Seignious was conducting routine patrol when she observed a man and a woman spray painting the side of 120 Broadway. She notified Alliance dispatch to call 911 and request police response. The NYPD responded and, after conferral with building management, arrested the perpetrators.

Security Officer Theresa Seignious — On the morning of August 4, 2023, Officer Seignious was on her routine patrol on Broadway, when she observed two fruit vendors arguing over a vending spot at the corner of Broadway and Rector streets. The vendors started to push each other when one vendor produced a knife while threatening the other vendor. Officer Seignious notified Alliance dispatch to call 911 and request police response. Officers from the 1st Precinct responded and Officer Seignious directed them to the perpetrator who was arrested.

Supervisor Francisco Rosario and Akeem Jones — On the afternoon of August 4, 2023, Supervisors Rosario and Jones were performing routine patrol when they were notified by Alliance dispatch to respond to the corner of Pine and William streets to investigate a scaffold collapse. When they arrived on the scene, they observed a piece of scaffolding on the ground and two injured workers. They immediately notified Alliance dispatch to send over more guards and call 911 to request EMS and NYPD response. They directed guards to redirect pedestrians and blocked off streets to allow emergency vehicle access. The injured workers were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries and NYPD officers relieved Alliance personnel until scaffolding could be secured. 

Security Officer Nathan Turner — On the afternoon of September 11, 2023, Officer Turner was on routine patrol when a passerby informed him of a man who had fallen out of his wheelchair into the bus lane in front of 25 Broadway. Officer Turner arrived on the scene and, along with several passersby, assisted the man back into his wheelchair. Officer Turner then contacted the man’s son and waited with him until the son arrived on the scene.

Security Officer Nathan Turner — On the morning of October 6, 2023, Officer Turner was performing routine patrol when he was flagged down by a taxi driver with an unconscious man in the back of his taxi. Officer Turner notified Alliance dispatch and requested EMS response. He was also able to notify two MTA police officers who were stationed at 2 Broadway. The aided passenger eventually regained consciousness and was taken to the hospital.

Security Officer Jeffrey Lissade — On the morning of October 17, 2023, Officer Lissade was performing routine patrol when he observed a woman crying at the corner of Fulton and William streets. He asked her if anything was wrong and she told him she had just been physically assaulted. Officer Lissade notified Alliance dispatch who called 911. The NYPD arrived, canvassed the area, and an investigation was subsequently conducted which led to an arrest by the 1st Precinct Detective Unit.

Supervisor Shawn Soto and Security Officer Jeremy Vega — On the morning of November 2, 2023, Officer Vega was performing routine patrol when he observed a man acting irrationally and harassing passersby. He notified Alliance dispatch to call 911 and request police response. Supervisor Soto responded first, and they both observed the man follow someone into 88 Fulton St. Once NYPD arrived on the scene, Supervisor Soto directed them into the building, where they took the man into custody and removed him to the hospital.

Easily recognized by their bright red uniforms, the Downtown Alliance’s crew of nearly 50 public safety officers works around the clock to keep Lower Manhattan safe. The team operates in close collaboration with New York City Police Department’s 1st Precinct and the Patrol Borough Manhattan South Scooter Task Force.  In addition, these proud men and women also help locals and visitors alike with general information, directions and personal recommendations on how to best experience Lower Manhattan.

This year’s awards ceremony was hosted by our partners Quality Protection Services, a leading provider of security services.

photo, left to right:  Officer Nathan Turner, Officer Jeffrey Lissade, Officer Jeremy Vega, Supervisor Francisco Rosario, President Jessica Lappin, Officer Theresa Seignious, Supervisor Akeem Jones, Director of Public Safety Dave Harvin (not pictured: Supervisor Shawn Soto)