Local Nonprofit LMHQ Offers Free Professional Development Programs This Fall to “Make Your Career Work for You”

Local Nonprofit LMHQ Offers Free Professional Development  Programs This Fall to “Make Your Career Work for You”

The pandemic and its ensuing societal changes have prompted many professionals to rethink their career goals and look to develop new skills. Many workers have taken the initiative to change jobs, pursue new paths and carve out more flexible schedules. Professional transitions are difficult, but with some guidance and the right network, they can be incredibly rewarding.  

LMHQ, a local nonprofit community and collaborative workspace in Lower Manhattan, is here to help. Long an essential resource for Downtown professionals and creatives, LMHQ continues to serve the community at this pivotal moment, offering networking and professional development events as well as shared workspace.  The events are designed to empower attendees who want to make changes in their work lives, and range in topics from an interactive webinar on public speaking, to an in-person talk on career transitions to a seminar on the advantages of a four-day workweek.

“LMHQ was created as a place to facilitate the serendipitous nature of in-person collaboration and over the past year we’ve honed our virtual skills to provide personal connections that extend beyond our walls,” said LMHQ Events Director Elissa Verrilli. “This season we’ll host a mix of in-person and virtual events to meet people where they feel most comfortable and help them achieve their goals.”

“The pandemic has caused us to rethink how we work and, for many, the kind of work that we want to do.  LMHQ has always provided valuable resources for the professional community in Lower Manhattan and the fall lineup will continue to provide opportunities to strengthen skills, evaluate goals and discuss what’s next in the world of work,” said Downtown Alliance President Jessica Lappin.

LMHQ’s 2021 Fall Schedule

Tuesday, September 14 @ 12:30pm — Hacking the Fear of Public Speaking

Public Speaking Coach, Mark Bedard, will give participants the practical physical and mental hacks needed to present confidently and joyously in front of any audience, live or via Zoom. Participants will learn how to engage their bodies and voices to turn the fear of public speaking into excitement.

Thursday, September 23 @ 8:30am — Women’s Breakfast: How to Navigate a Career Change with Confidence (IN-PERSON)*

EvolveMe co-founders Judy Schoenberg and Linda Lautenberg will help career pivoters develop a growth mindset (it matters more than you think!), identify must-have transferable skills for new opportunities and own their value and tell a powerful career story (even if you hate talking about yourself).

Wednesday, September 29 @ 12:30pm — Building Your Project Management Toolkit 

Julia Kim, a certified consultant for Verbena Labs, will help participants identify the must-have features you need in your project management software (and if you need the software all). You’ll learn how to do a high-level evaluation of a project management software and walk away equipped with a fully-stocked toolkit to manage your projects efficiently and conquer your to-do list once and for all.

Wednesday, October 6 @ 6:00pm — Thursday is the New Friday: The Case for the Four Day Work Week (IN-PERSON)*

Psychologist Joe Sanok will lay out a prescriptive plan for a shorter workweek, pointing to research that shows how slowing down results in greater innovation over time. He’ll cover the 10 tenets for a newly imagined, four-day workweek, introducing tools to help identify our individual inclinations, develop a curious mindset and outsider’s approach to our work, and timed work sprints to accomplish more in less time. 

Thursday, October 7 @ 12:30pm — Create a Stand-Out Resume

Podge Thomas of Small Business Co-Pilot will teach participants how to simplify their work experience, effectively communicate HOW they work and how to create a layout that feels spacious and inviting, without compromising your career highlights. You’ll walk away with a game plan to revamp your resume and navigate your way to your best career move yet.

Wednesday, October 13 @ 6:00pm — Election Happy Hour: Ballot Review & Postcarding Session (IN-PERSON)*

Diane Burrows, Co-President of the League of Women Voters, will remind us of the deadlines and details we need to know to be ready to vote, as well as the New York State Constitutional amendments on the ballot. Grab your favorite drink to sip while preparing personalized postcards to encourage other voters to get out the vote here in NYC, where Local Elections really matter!

Thursday, October 21 @ 6:00pm — Innovation 101: Strategies to Accelerate Innovative Thinking (IN-PERSON)*

Edwin Garcia of RedBox Innovation will take participants through the basic principles of innovation, including the concept of innovation, the different layers of innovation and the main elements required to achieve innovation. Edwin will also cover the fundamentals of inspiration. You’ll walk away with a practical and simple model to accelerate innovation within your organizations and across your life.

*This is an IN-PERSON event. Proof of vaccination is required and comprehensive Covid 19-mitigating measures are in place. Every in-person event will also have the option of purchasing a virtual ticket and joining online.

For details on individual events, please visit: https://lmhq.nyc/attend-event