Lower Manhattan: New York City’s Premier Transit Hub

Lower Manhattan: New York City’s Premier Transit Hub

The Alliance for Downtown New York is pleased to release a report demonstrating the strength of Lower Manhattan as one NYC’s premier multimodal hubs and needs/opportunities for future improvements. The report focuses on the following points:

  • Lower Manhattan’s robust transit & transportation network offers choice, convenience, redundancy & optimal access to jobs;
  • Lower Manhattan’s auto and transit access to prime commuter markets is unparalleled (access to Brooklyn, New Jersey waterfront, etc.) or comparable (access to suburban New Jersey, Long Island, and Westchester) relative to other key Manhattan business districts;
  • Lower Manhattan’s transit network has been bolstered by recent and planned investments across all modes;
  • Lower Manhattan is also best poised to rise as a business location with positive trends in labor force growth and based on areas where subway capacity has the potential to be enhanced; and
  • Recommendations for other future transit improvements/investments.

The Downtown Alliance commissioned Sam Schwartz Transportation Consultants to prepare a comprehensive transit and auto accessibility study for Lower Manhattan, as well as a comparative analysis to other key business districts.