Join author Claudia de Rham and the Academy’s Chief Scientific Officer Brooke Grindlinger as they delve into the hidden facets of gravity’s true nature—and de Rham’s new book, The Beauty of Falling: A Life in Pursuit of Gravity. De Rham has devoted her life to unraveling the secrets of gravity—first as a diver and pilot, and then as an astronaut candidate seeking the thrill of escaping Earth’s gravitational pull. As a physicist, she has pushed the limits of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, developing a rigorous and viable theory of “massive gravity,” in doing so completing a decades-old quest and profoundly impacting our understanding of many fundamental problems in cosmology and particle physics. De Rham unveils the profound influence of brilliant intellects, spanning from luminaries like Newton and Einstein to the contemporary minds of Stephen Hawking, Andrea Ghez, and Roger Penrose. These great thinkers guided her to the brink of understanding the intricate nature of this fundamental force, which not only shapes the cosmos but also plays a crucial role in keeping our feet firmly grounded on Earth.

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