Grab A Warming Cup Of Bone Broth From Springbone Kitchen

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Grab A Warming Cup Of Bone Broth From Springbone Kitchen

Over the summer, as restaurant and bar patrons flocked to outdoor patios and rushed to rejoin the indoor dining crowd, Springbone Kitchen was biding its time. Now that the cold winter months are officially here, the walkup establishment — which specializes in nourishing bone broth and other paleo fare — is back open for business, hoping that the pull of organic ingredients, grass-fed meats and steaming drinks will be a balm for the sick and the health-conscious. 


“Bone broth is definitely a cold weather drink, and it has tons of health benefits to it, especially in the midst of a pandemic like we’re in,” Springbone Kitchen co-founder Jordan Feldman told the Downtown Alliance. “It’s really soothing to drink a warm beverage that has flavor, and it’s more filling than a tea or a coffee or a juice would be because it actually has protein in it.”


Located at 74 Pearl Street, Springbone — which also operates a location in Greenwich Village — is built for coziness. Neither of the tiny brick-and-mortar spaces were designed to accommodate indoor dining, meaning that Springbone Kitchen has always put a premium on the takeout and delivery services that so many other businesses have struggled to adapt to during the pandemic. 


According to Feldman, the concept for the food is vaguely “grandma-themed,” in that the recipes are designed to be simple and timeless, with an emphasis on good, fresh ingredients cooked low and slow.


“If you think of your grandma’s chicken soup, that’s kind of what we go for,” he said. “Every culture has its own version of slow-cooked bones, but whatever you put into it is kind of what you get out of it. We cook using super high-quality grass-fed and pasture-raised bones. You can really taste the difference — there’s a real depth of flavor.”


One of Springbone’s most popular dishes is its Chicken Zoodle Soup: flavorful chicken broth cooked with spiralized zucchini, roasted free-range chicken thighs and assorted veggies.  


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Although Feldman said that operating the Downtown location has been something of a challenge due to the office buildings that are currently sitting empty as a result of work-from-home orders, Springbone has focused on getting its food to as many new potential customers as possible. In addition to introducing a Shopify page that will allow the kitchen to ship its frozen broths and hot sauces all around the country, management has also been networking with other brands, working on pop-up collaborations with coffee carts and acupuncture studios, and generally trying to get the word out in any way possible. 

“We’re just trying to be there and find as many opportunities as we can to serve our food,” Feldman said. “We have our kitchen, and we’re going to keep cooking the food. We just have to go to where people can find us.”


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