Breakfast Club: Downtown Restaurants That Bring Morning Deliciousness Right To Your Door

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Breakfast Club: Downtown Restaurants That Bring Morning Deliciousness Right To Your Door

For most of us, a cup of coffee first thing in the morning is crucial. And when we say “first thing in the morning,” we mean the second after the sun pries open our eyes on any given day. With any luck, a bagel and schmear or an egg-and-cheese sandwich isn’t far behind. 

Although present circumstances prevent us from camping out in a coffee shop with a newspaper, omelette and cup of joe, there’s no reason you can’t satisfy that craving for breakfast food. Word on the street is that it’s the most important meal of the day. 

Let’s review some of Lower Manhattan’s currently available options:

—Brazilian bakery Cafe Patoro (223 Front Street) is standing by, ready to deliver almond croissants and muffins among other pastries along with a selection of coffees and teas, both iced and hot. 

D’Elici (71 Nassau Street) is grilling up breakfast sandwiches every day until 4p on weekdays and Saturdays. Take advantage of the 10% discount for first-time online orders through the website. 

Five & Dime (8 Park Place) is still slinging fancy coffee and cocktails for takeout. We recommend their white Russian to complement a mid-day break. 

Blue Spoon Coffee (90 William Street) would happily indulge your cravings for fried-egg sandwiches and pour-over coffee weekdays beginning at 7a and Saturdays at 8a. Also: Pick up a few of those $1 fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies if they got ‘em. 

Pick-A-Bagel (102 North End Avenue) is a smart choice for bulk purchases of bagels, schmears and whatever whitefish or chicken salad spread you’d like to keep in the fridge for frequent consumption.  

Black Fox Coffee (70 Pine Street) serves breakfast staples like avocado toast, rolled oats and the crucial bacon-egg-and-cheese sandwich for pick-up and contactless delivery beginning at 8a every morning. 

—Specialty roasters Birch Coffee (8 Spruce Street) has java from all over the world, and the shop is donating cappuccinos, beans and other pick-me-ups to health-care workers on the frontlines. 

Manon Cafe (120 Broadway) is fast on the draw for anyone requiring a jolt of espresso to get through the day. 

Kaffe 1688 (275 Greenwich Street) has all the coffee brewing and big bowls of fruit-filled granola and steel-cut oatmeal. They offer contact-free delivery. 

Leo’s Bagels (3 Hanover Square) recently reopened, and its owner dished out some wisdom on how to properly stack a lox-and-cream-cheese bagel sandwich.

Jack’s Stir Brew Coffee (222 Front Street) has a variety of specialty iced and hot espresso drinks on hand in addition to vegan baked goods. 

—For a king-size stack of pancakes, George’s (89 Greenwich Street) is eager to satisfy all breakfast cravings via pickup and delivery orders. 

—Underground Pizza (3 Hanover Square) suggests this delicious-looking, bacon-and-egg pie to “start your day with a balanced breakfast.”

—When all else fails, 711 (111 Fulton Street) and Dunkin’ are reliably reliable for your coffee and donut needs. 

For other types of cuisine that are still being served in the neighborhood, we’ve compiled (and are constantly updating) this living list of Lower Manhattan restaurants and food sources so that you won’t have to scramble to keep up with what’s currently available.

If we have left anything out please reach out via Twitter or email.

photo: pickabagel

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