Coworking vs. Corporate Office Suites

04/28/2010 in

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Many people who come to the Hive are new to the coworking movement.  Some don’t really get what we’re all about and make comments like: “So, you’re a corporate office suite.” Or, “How are you different than Regus?”  Well, here are some answers.

Corporate office suites have become increasingly popular, and Regus is one of the major players, with offices all over the world (and many right here in New York).  While corporate office spaces and coworking spaces both meet a need for workspace, they have distinctly different missions.

Corporate office suites are, in fact, corporate.  They generally have a receptionist answering the phones, banker-type furniture and closed-door offices. They’re a nice option for a small company that would like to appear a bit larger to their clients.  While this may be attractive option for some, it’s good to know there are alternatives.

Coworking spaces, like the Hive, are all about community and collaboration.  While we have a few private offices, you won’t find too many closed doors here.  And while you still have a professional office to come to for a meeting with a client, you also have the opportunity to network throughout the day with a group of cool, well, coworkers.

Everyone is working on something different and we encourage interaction and open communication.  Additionally, it’s our job as Hive staff to support our members.

Looking for a new gig? Looking to build some additional skill sets?  Just launched a new or updated website?  Let us know— we can help spread the word, work our contacts, and make things happen!  We serve as a resource for our members, and for our community.  We always make the time to get to know all our members—what they do and where they’re going.

Once a person walks through the door at the Hive, they can usually get an immediate feel for whether this space is right for them.  I always encourage people to come in and test out the space.  If it’s right for you, you’ll be hooked!  No reason not to come on by, check it out, and let us know what you are looking for.

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