Mess Around Downtown: January 12, 2011



Welcome back to Mess Around Downtown!

The time has come that I, The Mess, retire from my retail beat. No longer will I walk the streets of Lower Manhattan, as I have for the past 2 1/2 years, eagerly scouting out new retailers, tasty bargains, business closings, and any or all of the Downtown lowdown. Thank you to my readers. Thank you to all the business owners who welcomed me into their shops for a tour or to get warm. Thank you to all the restaurateurs who insisted that I sample their food or try their cappuccino. The job was very delicious at times. The pleasure of working outside in what I consider to be a living-and-breathing museum has been an honor.

I’ll leave you with this: Sometimes, as I would meander through the streets of this historical square mile surveying the storefronts, I would envision all those characters from the past who trod those original paths with the soles of their boots and hooves of their horses. I would thank them for inventing what it means to be a New Yorker. And thank them for always leaving this city to us improved upon from when they inherited it. For without that progress there would be no Downtown Alliance and I would have had no job. Mess Around Downtown out.

Read on for all the latest retail openings and news to hit Lower Manhattan these past few weeks. And you can find anything you need with our Downtown Directory. Thanks.


Hello Pasta125 Maiden Lane: 212.557.2782

As I say goodbye this pasta-lovers paradise says hello. It’s as easy as one two three to eat here. Pick your pasta, pick your sauce, pick your cheese and toppings, and pay. Most of the choices are around $6 and they come in an easy-to-eat-out-of takeout box. Vegan? Plain pasta and olive oil is on the menu along with fresh soups and salads to choose from. They also have excellent phone manners when calling for delivery.


Keg No. 229 – 229 Front Street: 212.566.2337

From the adult beverage slingers at Bin No. 220 on Front Street comes this new beer appreciation bar where you can get a buzz with the help of modern technology. And also munch on some old-school eats like mac and cheese and chicken pot pie. Choose what kind of beer you want on the LCD screen at your table and the computer will send 16 ounces of your liquid gold selection through the tap right at your table. There’s also plenty of bottles and cans the bartender will be happy to pour for you as well. Great for an early date or to party late.


DoubleTree Hotel8 Stone Street: 212.480.9100

Stay at this 399 room hotel on your next visit to NYC. Your olfactory system will be glad you did as you take in the famous DoubleTree chocolate chip cookie smells that fill the lobby and halls. Look for the gym and restaurant with outdoor seating to open soon. The DoubleTree is the fifth hotel to open in Lower Manhattan this year and brought a nice ending to a good year for hotels down here.


Burger King – 106 Fulton Street: No phone yet

Have it in the Financial District way. Have it your way.


Business Tidbits and Updates

The Essences Hair Salon previously located on the third floor of 144 Fulton Street has moved to a storefront space at 80 Nassau Street.

Best Color Photo at 90 Nassau Street has closed.

The Pussycat Lounge at 96 Greenwich Street has closed.


In closing I’d also like to thank Zelda the turkey and Sad Panda for their presence. Click here to find out more about my future endeavors. As always, thank you for being on the lookout and please continue to send any changes you come across to [email protected]


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