A Perfect Valentine in Lower Manhattan


Planning the perfect Valentine’s Day isn’t easy. Either because the pressure is on to make it a special day for your sweetie or because you don’t have a sweetie to plan it for!

Either way, this upcoming Valentine’s Day will be easy to plan if you’re celebrating—or not celebrating—in Lower Manhattan.

My perfect Valentine’s Day would start with opening a beautiful, hand-made, vintage-themed card from Bowne & Company Stationer, then diving into the ganaches from a haute couture coffret from La Maison du Chocolate.

At lunchtime, I’d pick up a custom-made monogrammed silk shirt I ordered as a gift from Carmine & Arthur Clothiers (and no, I’m not telling you whom the recipient would be!).

After work, I would stroll over to Battery Gardens for a delicious, three-course dinner that includes Chilean sea bass and filet mignon (well, I do have an appetite!). The all-white room is beautiful and the view of Lady Liberty is spectacular. At the end of the meal, I hope to be presented with the trademark blue box from Tiffany, and inside a pair of stunning, platinum, diamond earrings.

After dinner, I would lace up and partake in the W New York – Downtown’s new “Skating in the Sky” outdoor rink. Finally, the evening would be capped off by enjoying some tango performed by the Hector Del Curto Tango Orchestra at the Winter Garden.

But the night wouldn’t end there. Too tired to go home to the far reaches of Brooklyn, I’d book a deluxe terrace room at the Best Western Seaport Inn. The easy walking distance from the office ensures I’ll get to work on time the next day. (What, you think I don’t want a raise?!)

On the other hand, I admit, if the wintry weather has put me in a foul mood, and I’m not in the mood to celebrate anything—let alone Valentine’s Day—I have an option right around the corner from my office.

I would march right over to Mad Dog & Beans for its “Anti-Valentine’s Day” celebration, hoisting quite a few of its $6 drink specials with my new anti-holiday comrades. And really, who’s going to stop me from gorging on their half-price appetizers?

After several rounds, I’d still wind up at the Best Western to collapse and make it to work on time the next day (Yes, even when grumpy I still want that raise).

So, if you’re like me, you’re pondering either scenario for February 14th. But there are even more options in Lower Manhattan so you can craft your perfect plan. I’ve created a special page on our website that lists all the Valentine’s Day specials in Lower Manhattan.

As for how I plan to spend my Valentine’s Day, you’ll just have to look around the neighborhood for me that day to find out.

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