A Taste of Ireland in Lower Manhattan

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This Saturday, March 17th, Lower Manhattan will be home to a festive St. Paddy’s Day at the many venues celebrating this special holiday.

St. Patrick’s Day commemorates St. Patrick, the most recognized of the patron saints of Ireland. And where’s a better place to celebrate the day than in Lower Manhattan, where Irish immigrants moved centuries ago to a land of opportunity.

This year, the day falls on a Saturday, so you have all day to celebrate. Here’s a few of our suggestions:

If you want to spend a quiet Saturday strolling around the neighborhood, then pay a visit to the Irish Hunger Memorial in Battery Park City. The Memorial is devoted to raising awareness of the events that led to the Great Irish Famine and Migration of 1845-1852.

In addition, The Municipal Art Society of NY is giving a tour focusing on our area’s rich mix of immigrant history and view some of the few significant architectural elements that remain in this time of rampant redevelopment.  Downtown: Where New York Began takes place at 11 AM on March 17. The cost is $15 per person and RSVP is required.

Hungry for some traditional Irish food? Look no further than our one-square mile, where a number of restaurants are offering the type of culinary fare you are looking for – from quaint bars to classy eateries.

Check out some of our favorites, such as Trinity Place or The Bailey Pub & Brasserie for their traditional Irish stew, corned beef and cabbage and Shepherd’s Pie. These dishes (and more) are available all week from today through Sunday, March 18th.  Also, The Porterhouse at Fraunces Tavern has a week-long celebration of Irish culture and music from March 13th to the 18th.

If you want a bigger party atmosphere, then step onto the cobblestoned Stone Street, also known as Lower Manhattan’s Restaurant Row. Here you’ll enjoy outdoor food and drink at the many pubs and restaurants along with live music and DJs.

Ulysses Folk House will feature rockin’ Irish music by The Canny Brothers along with a Jameson & Guinness tent.  In fact, Ulysses will be start celebrating with a Taste of Ireland Brewery Night on March 13th, Mini Oyster Fest on March 14th, Get Shamrocked after-work party on March 15th and the Starch Before the March on March 16th.

Other perfect places to ingest and imbibe on Stone Street include the Stone Street Tavern, The Dubliner, Murphy’s Tavern, Beckett’s, Vintry Wine & Whiskey, and The Growler Bites & Brews, or if you want a taste from other countries, step into Mad Dog & Beans (if you crave Mexican), Adrienne’s Pizza Bar (if you seek Italian) or Smorgas Chef (if you’re in the mood for Swedish).

Don’t fret if you feel Stone Street is too much of a walk, even though it isn’t! There are plenty of options all over the neighborhood. Click here for a detailed map view of Lower Manhattan, and links to all of our establishments.

Or, you might decide you want to throw a party in your own home. So call Downtown Kitchen to cater your party with an Irish breakfast or a St. Patrick’s Day lunch or dinner. Downtown Kitchen will deliver to your home or office (if you happen to be working Saturday). But hurry: orders must be placed by today, and be for a minimum of 12 guests.

If you just want a tiny taste of Ireland, there’s also the Shamrock Shake. Yes, McDonald’s has brought back the green-dyed mint milkshake for the holiday. We wonder what Irish folksongs might be playing on the piano (look overhead when you step inside!) when you enter Mickey D’s on Broadway for your holiday shake.

Whatever you decide to do, paint the day GREEN by celebrating a taste of Ireland in Lower Manhattan!

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