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Hive55_logo FullAs we approach the opening day of the Hive, construction moves forward and I continue to tie up loose ends to outfit the space. As we work on marketing the space, answering people’s questions about the Hive and signing people up, I thought I would take this opportunity to fill you in on the terrific sponsors we have. They are not only making the Hive possible, but are helping to make the it an even greater asset to our members.

As I’ve mentioned, the New York City Economic Development Corporation is a major financial sponsor of the Hive. Mayor Bloomberg announced the Hive back in July as part of his MediaNYC 2020 initiative to strengthen the media industry in New York City. I’m proud to say that the city is supporting us on this endeavor to support freelancers, small business owners, and independent workers.

Rudin Management has been great, not only in helping us find a space at 55 Broad, but also for their forward-thinking vision for the media industry in New York City. We’re thrilled to be located at 55 Broad, and are eager to meet our various technology-orientated companies in the building.

Many of you already know the Poulakakos Family Restaurants – including some of my favorite haunts like Adrienne’s Pizzabar, Ulysses’, and Financier. I’m overjoyed to announce that they have signed on as the official “social sponsor” of the Hive! What does this mean exactly? It means monthly catered lunches from Harry’s Italian (amazing pizza!) plus monthly happy hours from classic Harry’s on Stone Street! You can certainly expect to find me at these monthly events!

I mentioned this last week, but it’s so exciting that I’m mentioning it again. J&R Music and Computer World, a 30+ year mainstay Lower Manhattan retailer, will be offering benefits – Hive members can expect discounts on their electronic needs! J&R has also been great in helping us outfit the Hive. Their equipment will help set up our Internet, network our printer, project presentations in the conference room, and both heat up and cool down our food.

Mancini Duffy has been my behind-the-scenes godsend for the past few months. I don’t know what I would have done without them. From narrowing our color palette, picking furniture, issuing drawings for our contractor, to answering all my ridiculous construction and power/data questions – their services have been completely invaluable. I breath easier and sleep better having Mancini Duffy available for my momentary freak-outs.

As our “academic sponsor,”Pace University has signed on board. We will develop this sponsorship more fully as we learn more about the users at the Hive and what their needs may be. Pace will host regular workshops, or “light classes” as we like to call them, in the Hive. A great opportunity for Hive members to learn some new skills and become more aware of the fabulous offerings Pace has in a variety of fields (including their continuing education program). Let me know what sort of classes you would be interested in taking – with Pace on the job, we can make it happen!

Last, but certainly not least, is Sky-Packets. I mentioned them to you last week as our WiFi provider. They have kindly donated the installation of the Wireless Network and have been so helpful in helping me figure out the best way to configure the Hive. I truly consider them our partners and will continue to brainstorm with them on some software developments we have in the works. I should also mention that they are going to be making the Downtown Alliance’s nine free hotspots better than ever in the next few weeks!

So come to the Hive to see all our sponsors in action!

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