Fellow Barber Is Back: Get A Safe Cut And Some Beard Care Tips, Too

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Fellow Barber Is Back: Get A Safe Cut And Some Beard Care Tips, Too

There’s no excuse for the quarantine shag anymore: South Street Seaport’s Fellow Barber is back in business. You can book an appointment online, Tuesdays through Fridays 11a-8p and Saturdays from 9a-6p. Be sure to wear a mask (though note you might need to remove it if you get a beard trim), tip your barber handsomely and stick to your appointment time for social-distancing purposes.

If you’re looking to keep up your new look — or if your pandemic beard could use some TLC — manager Rob Casey has some tips for you.

On Trimming Your Neckline

Prep the beard with a wide-tooth comb to detangle any knots or waves that have occurred naturally.

When cleaning up the bottom neckline, start in the middle, around the Adam’s apple, and work your way left, then right. This will help create the most symmetrical line possible.

Line placement is up to you. The higher the line, the more defined the jawline. A low neckline will produce a more natural look with minimal maintenance.

On Trimming Those Eyebrows

Always go for a more natural look. With a fine-tooth comb, comb the eyebrows up. With a small scissor, trim the hairs that are too long. Comb the eyebrows down and refine anything that looks too long. Simple.

Product Or No Product? 

The more disheveled look still uses product, but with slightly less hold.

Sea-salt sprays for some volume and texture in the hair.

Styling cream gives you that second-day dirty look, gives the hair some weight, has no hold and is great for all styles of hair — short medium and long.

On Shampoos And Conditioners

You should not shampoo your hair everyday.

Two to three times a week is a good amount.

Rinse it everyday.

On Beard Oils

Beard oil is more of a skin care product. It helps soften the hair and skin when maintaining the beard.

Beard balm is more of a styling product. It will help shape the beard as is grows out and hold down any stray hairs.

On Cleaning Up The Back Of The Neck… At Home

Would not recommend this, ever! Instead, just get a cleanup every two weeks at the barbershop.

Recommendations From The Expert

A beard trimmer worth trying: Andis Slimline Pro Li T-blade Trimmer.

Top-notch sprays and creams: Fellow Mineral Spray, Fellow Styling Cream.

Beard balm worth palming: Northern Fir.

Shampoos for dudes: Fellow Winter Wash is good for using in cold, dry months. Fellow Summer Wash helps keep the hair under control during hot and humid months.

Best beard oils: MCMC Beard Oil or Everyday Oil.

 photo: @fellowbarber

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