LMHQ’s Fall Schedule Includes Free Programs To Make Your Career Work For You

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LMHQ’s Fall Schedule Includes Free Programs To Make Your Career Work For You

The pandemic and its ensuing societal changes have prompted many professionals to rethink their career goals and look to develop new skills. Many workers have taken the initiative to change jobs, pursue new paths and carve out more flexible schedules. Professional transitions are difficult, but with some guidance and the right network, they can be incredibly rewarding.  

LMHQ, a collaborative workspace in Lower Manhattan has long been an essential resource for Downtown professionals and creatives. At this pivotal moment, the local nonprofit and sister organization to the Downtown Alliance is offering networking and professional development events — ranging in topics from an interactive webinar on public speaking, to an in-person talk on career transitions to a seminar on the advantages of a four-day workweek.

See the following virtual and in-person events included in LMHQ’s 2021 fall schedule.

Wednesday, October 27 @ 9:00am — Women’s Breakfast: Harnessing the Power of Female Leadership

The evidence shows that leadership qualities are inherent in women. But women continue to be underrepresented in executive roles. Why is that? We’ll dig into this disparity at LMHQ’s October Women’s Breakfast, where you’ll hear from a panel of experts who have spent years understanding, recruiting and teaching women how to harness their leadership capabilities and step into positions of power. Representing public policy, government, business and more, our speakers will help you increase your confidence and encourage those around you to do the same!

Wednesday, November 3 @ 12:30pm — Landing a Job in Social Impact

In this workshop, Career Coach and Talent Development Consultant Emily Lamia will show you how to understand what social impact means to you and gain clarity on the career path options within the social impact sector that most excite you. 

Tuesday, November 9 @ 6:00pm — Innovation 101: Strategies to Accelerate Innovative Thinking

Edwin Garcia of RedBox Innovation will take participants through the basic principles of innovation, including the concept of innovation, the different layers of innovation and the main elements required to achieve innovation. Edwin will also cover the fundamentals of inspiration. You’ll walk away with a practical and simple model to accelerate innovation within your organizations and across your life.

Thursday, November 18 @ 9:00am — Women’s Breakfast: Navigating A Toxic Work Environment

Bullies masquerading as girbosses. Microaggressions from teammates. Managers who gaslight you when you make reasonable requests. There are countless ways in which a work environment can be toxic and all of them can take a massive toll on your mental and physical health. At LMHQ’s November Women’s Breakfast, we’ll be tackling all of these questions and more. You’ll hear from a panel of experts across industries who will share their lived experiences, lessons learned, and recommendations for navigating your way through a toxic workplace.

Wednesday, December 1 @ 12:30pm — Stand Out With Your Story

Storytelling is the communication tool that will allow you to rise above the noise, redefine what it means to be an authoritative voice and eliminate worry about doing things the “right way”. Join Tell Me A Story Founder, Hillary Rea for this interactive workshop on how to use your own stories to show up, speak up, and stand out. Hillary will guide you through self-reflective exercises that will stretch you and enable you to become more comfortable telling your story in your professional communication—whether you speak to an audience of one or one thousand.

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Wednesday, September 29 @ 12:30pm — Building Your Project Management Toolkit

Julia Kim, a certified consultant for Verbena Labs, will help participants identify the must-have features you need in your project management software (and if you need the software all). You’ll learn how to do a high-level evaluation of a project management software and walk away equipped with a fully-stocked toolkit to manage your projects efficiently and conquer your to-do list once and for all.

Wednesday, October 6 @ 6:00 pm — Thursday is the New Friday: The Case fo the Four Day Work Week

Psychologist Joe Sanok will lay out a prescriptive plan for a shorter workweek, pointing to research that shows how slowing down results in greater innovation over time. He’ll cover the 10 tenets for a newly imagined, four-day workweek, introducing tools to help identify our individual inclinations, develop a curious mindset and outsider’s approach to our work, and timed work sprints to accomplish more in less time. 

Thursday, October 7 @ 12:30pm — Create a Stand-Out Resume

Podge Thomas of Small Business Co-Pilot will teach participants how to simplify their work experience, effectively communicate HOW they work and how to create a layout that feels spacious and inviting, without compromising your career highlights. You’ll walk away with a game plan to revamp your resume and navigate your way to your best career move yet.

Wednesday, October 13 @ 6:00pm — Election Happy Hour: Ballot Review & Postcarding Session (IN-PERSON)*

Diane Burrows, Co-President of the League of Women Voters, will remind us of the deadlines and details we need to know to be ready to vote, as well as the New York State Constitutional amendments on the ballot. Grab your favorite drink to sip while preparing personalized postcards to encourage other voters to get out the vote here in NYC, where Local Elections really matter!

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