Mess Around Downtown: November 8, 2010

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Welcome back to Mess Around Downtown!

Services and amenities. New Yorkers cherish their services and amenities. And luxurious Downtowners are no exception to that rule. Here in Lower Manhattan, we love our services and amenities just as much as the next guy. What do you want? What do you need? From spas and gourmet food shops right out your door to dry cleaners and 24-hour pharmacies just a short stroll away, Downtown has got you covered. You can also find anything you need with our handy Downtown Directory. Feel free to e-mail me at Thanks.


Battery Place Market – 77 Battery Place: 212.786.0077

This place is a foodie haven in The Visionaire building. You’ll find a gourmet deli with an array of beautiful sandwiches and side dishes to choose from. The produce section was looking fresh, crisp, and colorful. And they have a cafe featuring Stumptown coffee. Order your Thanksgiving meal from here and enjoy roasted apples with cider vinaigrette, candied sweet potatoes, cornbread mushroom pecan stuffing, roasted turkey, and, of course, pumpkin pie.


Manpower – 20 Pine Street: 212.471.2258

Need a job so you can afford more services and amenities? This company will help you find one. With more than 4,000 offices in 82 countries, Manpower has plenty of connections and ideas to get you working. Stop in to visit one of its knowledgeable representatives and enjoy the modern and colorful office space.


FiDi Cleaners & Tailors89 Washington Street: 212.487.9127

The friendly proprietors at this brand-new, family-owned dry cleaning and tailor shop are still in grand opening mode. Make sure to visit its website and check out some limited-time discounts. Get 30 percent off your first dry cleaning order, pay 75 cents per pound for wash and fold service, and more. Pick up and delivery is free.


William Nail Spa N.Y. – 90 William Street: 212.785.5588

What? A manicure and pedicure for only $2o? I paid almost twice that last week in Brooklyn. Seriously. William Nail Spa also offers special gel-filling manicures, body and foot massages, and a plethora of waxing options. They’re still in grand opening mode so stop in to get some discounts.


Business Tidbits and Updates

Ever wanted a piece of Adrienne’s or Inatteso pizza (same recipe and owners) and didn’t want to buy a whole pie? Well, word on the street is that this coveted pizza is sold by the slice at Inatesso Cafe, located at 38 West Street just up the block from Inatesso Pizzabar. Now that’s an amenity.

Swich wholesome sandwich company at 83 Maiden Lane has closed.

Donald Sacks at 3 World Financial Center has closed.


As always, thank you for being on the lookout and please continue to send any changes you come across to

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