News Clips: August 1-5, 2011


Downtown Takes Off with Delta
The New York Observer
Ladies and gentlemen, Lower Manhattan has arrived. At least according to this new five-minute tourist ad, anyway. Delta Airlines is now showing the video on its incoming New York City flights.

Downtown Alliance Markets Its Way Onto Delta Flights
Curbed NY
A five-minute video markets the appeal of Lower Manhattan’s “stunning water vistas and skyscraper canyons” and features Bloomie as tour guide. Downtown Alliance sponsored the video.

Attention Passengers: Ever Heard of Lower Manhattan?
DNA Info
Lower Manhattan’s 1-square-mile has 50,000 residents and 300,000 workers, and now millions more eyes will be upon it after Delta Airlines began running a 5-minute video on Monday about the neighborhood on its flights coming into the metro area.

Public Piano Pops Up on Broad Street
DNA Info
Outdoor piano season isn’t over yet. Inspired by the popularity of the free pianos that popped up all over the city earlier this summer, the Downtown Alliance installed a piano of its own on Broad Street Tuesday.

Can’t Find Your Way to Jury Duty? A New Map Can Help

DNA Info
To help wandering masses, Elizabeth Williams has been working on the first comprehensive street map of the entire Civic Center to be posted in the area. The map, which will be installed by the Downtown Alliance, will focus on the confusing blocks around Foley Square and will highlight 16 courthouses and public buildings.

Lower Manhattan Featured on Over 20,000 International Flights
Travel News Gazette
Lower Manhattan is showcased this month in “Delta Destinations,” an exclusive in-flight video series promoting the top destinations around the world in five-minute video features.

What’s In A Name? When It Comes To ‘Ground Zero,’ A Lot Of Debate
CBS New York
Elizabeth Berger, the president of the Alliance for Downtown New York, said the World Trade Center site is in the midst of so much growth that the site no longer should use the words “ground zero,” a phrase commonly associated with a disaster zone.

Hive at 55 Keeps New York Office Space Buzzing
A Better Office
There’s plenty of buzz about a Lower Manhattan coworking office space. It’s called Hive at 55. It’s a shared workspace and a community of like-minded people doing business of all sorts in the New York City.

Stalled construction projects litter the city
Crain’s New York Business
One solution for the city’s stalled construction projects has been popular for some time. The Downtown Alliance created a public art program dubbed Re:Construction in 2006 to make active sites less obtrusive.

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