Where To Grab A Bite After The Hometown Heroes Ticker-Tape Parade

Where To Grab A Bite After The Hometown Heroes Ticker-Tape Parade

The Hometown Heroes ticker-tape parade — the first major city-sponsored event post-Covid — is set to make its way through Lower Manhattan on Wednesday, July 7. It’s an event not to be missed, whether you live/work Downtown or simply want to celebrate our essential workers. When you’ve worked up an appetite tossing ticker-tape along the Canyon of Heroes, head to one of these nearby restaurants for a post-parade feast.

Taim (75 Maiden Lane)

Taim means “tasty” in Hebrew, but in Lower Manhattan it’s also shorthand for “affordable, satisfying lunch.” The beloved local chain that serves up falafel, shawarma and sabich has added exciting new menu items (which you can get at its 75 Maiden Lane location). Everything is available in a bowl or a pita, making it the perfect meal to grab and enjoy outside in the summer sunshine. Here are five things to try this summer.

Chinah (100 Maiden Lane)

Bowls of healthy, Chinese home cooking await at Downtown’s Chinah location. Owner Hegel Hei has talked about his aspirations to become the Chinese version of Sweetgreen or Chipotle. “What we wanted to do is not so much fit into the mold but to break it by serving dishes that are less familiar to mainstream diners.” Those dishes include things like ma po tofu or meatballs with tomato and egg, in both chef-curated dishes and a build-your-own-bowl option.  

Lovelace Tavern, Porterhouse Brewing Company (66 Pearl Street/36 Water Street)

From the acclaimed cocktails at Lovelace to the lengthy international craft beer list at Porterhouse just next door, this stop will appease all ticker-tape acolytes. 

Casa Taqueria (40 Gold Street)

Whether you need some flavorful takeout or a sit-down burrito, this spicy guy at 40 Gold Street has lots of great, affordable options, including a range of tacos, burritos and tortas.

Malibu Farm (89 South Street)

Chef Helene Henderson’s seasonal cuisine has some of the best views in the city to accompany its farm-fresh favorites.

The Full Shilling (160 Pearl Street)

This Irish standby is known for its old-world ambience — the 101-year-old bar was literally shipped from Belfast — and the establishment has maintained a loyal lunch and happy hour crowd since its 1999 opening. And it’s still a cozy pit-stop to have a pint of Guinness and a plate of fish and chips.

Blue Park Kitchen (70 Pine Street)

This delicious walk-up establishment offers the rare combination of fast-casual convenience and locally-sourced produce, grains and proteins. You can take your bowl to go, or feast inside.

Bombay’s Indian Cuisine (60 Pearl Street)

Owner Sonal Vyas and staff work hard to ensure that everything is delicious and made with love — from crispy samosas to tender pieces of chicken marinated in yogurt and spices.  

Route 66 Smokehouse (45 Stone Street)

Delicious BBQ made sweeter by an impressive all-American whiskey list and a 20-tap lineup of American craft beers. 

photo: Anne-Sophie Fjello-Jensen

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