Virtual Reality Arrives in Lower Manhattan: Star Wars, Moment Factory and More

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Virtual Reality Arrives in Lower Manhattan: Star Wars, Moment Factory and More

Those who can’t get enough Star Wars in their lives (who among us?), or whose jam-packed calendars won’t permit a weekday trip to hit the links in the outer boroughs, consider the new virtual reality options in Lower Manhattan. Three are currently open to the public for the next few weeks: the virtual reality buffs at The Void partnered with Lucasfilm to transport Westfield World Trade Center shoppers to a galaxy far, far away; the classic standby Delmonico’s teamed up with Five Iron Golf for those who want to tee off after lunchtime, and, for the art enthusiast, Cipriani 25 Broadway is hosting an “imagination pollination” digital installation for the senses.

Last week at Westfield World Trade Center, The Void had its soft opening for Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire. The VR experience lured millennials and Gen X’ers alike by appealing to the childhood dream that has likely never fully escaped their imaginations: The ability to disguise themselves as Imperial Stormtroopers and complete a daring mission for the Rebel Alliance, not unlike the adventures they’d watched repeatedly on screens big and small for the last 40 years. 

For those who never took in the original Star Wars trilogy when it dominated theaters in the ’80s (or when the prequels did the same in the ’00s), the Secrets interactive storyline is likely as satisfying to the SW newb as to the obsessive. For 10 to 12 minutes, you’re strapped into a vest and headgear before being shipped off to the volcanic planet of Mustafar, and are tasked with recovering top-secret intel for the Rebels while walking through a maze riddled with lasers and lava.

It’s worth noting, too, that whatever lack of athleticism you possessed as a child (or an adult), don’t panic. Secrets won’t leave you short of breath. Just be sure to give your ankles a stretch before going in — you mostly remain standing when scooting along from room to room, but there is a decent amount of pivoting. 

Cost is around $34.95 per person. More info can be found here, and, during the soft opening, a Void staffer mentioned that a Marvel Universe-themed VR experience is slated in the coming weeks.

Understandably, avoiding blaster fire from Darth Vader’s totalitarian regime isn’t everyone’s bright idea of a relaxing pastime. The work-hard/play-hard types might prefer burning off the cals from a three-course meal at Delmonico’s with nine holes of indoor golf. Or, as America’s first fine-dining establishment itself likes to remind anyone interested in its newly unveiled Dine & Play Nine deal, “you can’t close a deal over a chopped salad.” 

More from Delmonico’s: 

The legendary Delmonico’s is partnering with the hi-tech, urban golfing experience, Five Iron Golf, for a one of a kind power lunch. Join us at Delmonico’s for a 3-course, Taste of the Classics power lunch and finish up with 9 holes of golf, just steps away at Five Iron’s state-of­-the-art golfing facility. In a little over an hour, dine and play with clients, friends, or business associates for a truly unique dining experience.

The gorge n’ golf is $65 per person for groups of 15 or less ($70 per person for groups of 15+) and available Monday to Friday, from 11:30a to 3:30p. Click here for more details and please be sure to send us any Lobster Newburg Carbonara leftovers. 

For a dazzling visual display, Time Out New York Kids has given the rubber stamp for all ages to SuperRealNYC, a 45-minute art installation from the multimedia wonks at Moment Factory that highlights Cipriani’s Gilded Age architecture with five eclectic color designs ranging from a “fairy-like flower garden” to something straight out of Blade Runner

“We are excited to partner with Moment Factory and combine their pioneering creativity with this beautiful New York City landmark,” proprietor Giuseppe Cipriani said. “We are confident the SuperReal exhibition will attract an eclectic group of people who are willing to set their minds and senses free.” 

Admission is $24 per person. Kids under age six get in for free. More info at

[photos, courtesy Delmonico’s,, SuperRealNYC]

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