Where To Drink And Nosh During Art On The Ave

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Where To Drink And Nosh During Art On The Ave

Plenty of eye candy is coming to the neighborhood on September 7, when two-dozen local artists are transforming Lower Manhattan’s storefronts with the resiliency-themed community initiative Art on the Ave. And, while that’s as good an excuse as any to traverse the pavement below Chambers Street, let’s be honest, you’re going to get hungry. And thirsty. While you brush up on each individual artist and their work, do keep this post handy for when your appetite will be calling for you to pop in somewhere for a quick snack or a refreshing beverage, alcoholic or non-alcoholic. Or, hey, who says you can’t have both? There’s lots of art to look at, after all. That takes time.

Enjoy your time down here by adding any of the following spots to your art-seeking itinerary.


Birch Coffee
8 Spruce Street
New York, NY 10038

Birch Coffee has java from all over the world, and the shop spent the heaviest portion of New York’s pandemic donating cappuccinos, beans and other pick-me-ups to health-care workers on the frontlines.

Blue Spoon
90 William St 
New York, NY 10038 

Unlike most every other cafe on the Isle of Mann that charges way too much for an accompanying treat, Blue Spoon has an added incentive that’ll win over any sweet-toothed deal-lover: For $1, you can get freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, a delectable sugary pick-me-up that complements the heck out of that java.

168 William St
New York, NY 10038

Solid salads, sandwiches and baklava from this low-key spot.  

Matto Espresso
37 John St 
New York, NY 10038

Serving exceptional coffee, espresso, fresh-baked goods, sandwiches, and snacks, with open hearts and European vibes.

La Parisienne
9 Maiden Ln 
New York, NY 10038

The French cafe’s menu is irresistible — favorites include a savory burrata, rich brioche French toast, their staple croque madame, avocado toast (a morning-commuter staple) and a sweet and creamy paris-brest.

45 John Street
New York, NY 10038

Business partners Andrew Fazio and Wilson Johnson teamed up to create one of Lower Manhattan’s newest cafes with the understanding that you can find good sandwiches or a good cup of coffee all over New York City — but not always at the same place.  

787 Coffee
66 Pearl St
New York, NY 10004

Their potent espressos pair well with their crispy Puerto Rican pastries.

787 Coffee
30 Broad St
New York, NY 10004

And don’t forget the breakfast tacos and empanadas.


Big Al’s
9 Thames Street
New York, NY 10006

If in the mood for a Chicago-style pie, this is where it’s at. 

Hank’s Pizza
110 Cedar St
New York, NY 10006

The service is fast at Hank’s, and they’ve got piping hot buffalo wings.

Joe’s Pizza
124 Fulton St
New York, NY 10038

A Manhattan standby in the heart of Lower Manhattan.

Pizza Etalia
20 Beaver St
New York, NY 10004

Pick up a hot slice and a pinwheel on the side, and you’ll be good to go (until you crave another 45 minutes later). 

Quick Eats

Aroy Dee Thai Kitchen 
20 John St
New York, NY 10038


For affordable drunken noodles, in addition to vermicelli, rice and egg noodles paired with a variety of curries and peanut sauces, hit up these friendly folks.

100 Maiden Ln 
New York, NY 10038

“What we wanted to do is not so much fit into the mold but to break it by serving dishes that are less familiar to mainstream diners.” Those dishes include things like ma po tofu or meatballs with tomato and egg, in both chef-curated dishes and a build-your-own-bowl option.

71 Nassau St 
New York, NY 10038

Highly recommend the chicken wrap for a quick and fresh pickup meal. 

The Kati Roll
22 Maiden Ln
New York, NY 10038

Do not go away without enjoying perfectly cooked mango chicken, beet salads and cabbage rolls

110 Trinity Pl
New York, NY 10006

A charmingly, somewhat hidden Downtown spot, just up the block from the World Trade Center, with a vast selection of brunch-y type dishes.  

Magic Mix Juicery
102 Fulton Street
New York, NY, 10038

This cafe has food offerings that, in addition to their cleansing drinks, include mini gluten-free everything bagels with cashew cream cheese, plus some hearty fall options including crispy brussel sprouts with sriracha aioli and pumpkin loaf with cashew cream frosting. 

97 Nassau St
New York, NY 10038 

Pisillo serves delectable Italian meat-stuffed sandwiches the size of a human torso, which is really all you need to know. A $14-$15 sandwich will probably last you two meals, and have we mentioned how delicious they are? Even Robert De Niro thinks so.

Sushi and Co
67 Nassau St
New York, NY 10038 

Super-convenient and fresh sushi rolls and other noodle dishes to fuel you up on the go.

75 Maiden Ln
New York, NY 10038

Taim means “tasty” in Hebrew, but in Lower Manhattan it’s also shorthand for “affordable, satisfying lunch.” The beloved local chain that serves up falafel, shawarma and sabich has added exciting new menu items (which you can get at its 75 Maiden Lane location). Everything is available in a bowl or a pita, making it the perfect meal to grab and enjoy outside in the summer sunshine. Here are five things to try this summer.

99 Nassau St 
New York, NY 10038

The restaurant offers Vietnamese classics including big bowls of pho, hearty banh mi sandwiches, vermicelli, dumplings and air-fried vegetable rolls.

Zucker’s Bagels
125 Fulton St
New York, NY 10038

Taverns and Pubs 

Fraunces Tavern
54 Pearl St
New York, NY 10004

The historic watering hole serves an amazing burger, plus over 400 whiskeys, signature cocktails and 130 craft beers and ciders.

The Malt House
9 Maiden Ln
New York, NY 10038

The Lower Manhattan location has created a whole new menu, with some standouts such as Buttermilk Chicken Bites (Southern-style fried chicken, cilantro jalapeno, aioli) and Wisconsin Cheese Curds (white cheddar, panko fried with marinara).

120 Cedar St
New York, NY 10006

This old-school haunt is always ready to serve up brews and pub fare to a hungry lunch crowd.

White Horse Tavern
25 Bridge St.
New York, NY 10004

Dive bars are another crucial cornerstone of Manhattan nightlife, and you won’t find one more iconic than this comforting haunt, whether you’re stopping by for one post-show drink or several.

44 Trinity Pl
New York, NY 10006

Don’t be ashamed if you crave some melted cheese on meat, stuffed into a deliciously crusty hunk of bread. The cheesesteak is a work of art that belongs in your stomach. 

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